Spy School Series

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Spy Camp


It is about a secret spy school behind a brick wall that people think is St Smithen’s Science Academy or SSA. Benjamin Ripley, age 13, is incredibly smart. He has level sixteen maths skills and has thwarted SPYDER, an enemy spy organization, two times. He has a crush on Erica Hale, the most advanced spy-in-training at the CIA. Ben was required to attend summer school for wilderness training. When he got there, he went to his campsite. In his cubby, Ben found a contract from SPYDER. It threatened that if Ben didn’t agree to join SPYDER in the next 24 hours, he would have to join SPYDER. He and his friends found out that SPYDER planned to fire a missile at the president of the USA. Ben and his friends find out where they are firing from, and ambush SPYDER. Ben shut down the explosive giant just in time.



Evil Spy School



One day, Ben accidentally shoots a real live bombshell instead of a paintball. He realized it just in the nick of time and changed the shell’s course. Instead of hurting hundreds of innocent spies-in-training, it snipped the principal’s office in half. Ben gets kicked out of the Central Intelligence Agency. On his first day back at middle school, Joshua Halal, Ben’s nemesis, threatened Ben to join SPYDER. He finally said yes. He came in as an undercover to investigate SPYDER.

Ski Spy School


It is about a secret spy school behind a brick wall that people think is St Smithen’s Science Academy or SSA. Benjamin Ripley, age 13, is intelligent. He has level 16 maths skills and has thwarted SPYDER, an enemy spy organization, two times. He has a crush on Erica Hale, the most advanced spy-in-training at the CIA. Ben and Erica, with the help of a few friends, stop Leo Shang’s illegal plan of dropping a bomb off a cliff and blowing up some of Denver, Colorado. Leo Shang is a Chinese crime boss who pulled Operation Golden Fist. His daughter, Jessica Shang, claims she never knew that her father was doing something so horrible.


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  1. Hello Bree, I find the story really interesting and I am actually in love with the fictional character of Ben for his thinking power and genius level. My daughter is a lover of such stories and this book could be used as a surprise gift for her. I love the idea that the characters in the book have a different understanding of what the school really is. Nice story line.

    • Hi Benson,

      Thank you. I love the whole series too. I’ve read them all. I’ll add more to the list soon.

      Thank you,

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I love reading book.I often collect new books and do them because reading books can make a lot of sense and learn about many things.I’ve never heard of Bree’s books before and I’ve never done these books.Reading your article has given me a lot of curiosity for this book and I intend to read this book.I will collect this book and share new experiences with you.

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    Those who have not yet read the book will soon read the book and enjoy its thrilling. Finally, thank you again for producing some good book product reviews.

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    • Thank you. I’m glad you found it helpful. This is my first blog. I was nervous but now glad people is liking my book review.


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  8. It is a great review. I don’t know why I like all Bree’s Book Review. After reading the article, my interest in reading the evil Spy School and Spy Camp book increased a lot. I hope to read the book two soon.
    I hope you will review many more books so that I can read many interesting topics.
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  9. Hi Jen,

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