Moon Base Alpha Series

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Space Case

It is about a child who lives on the moon, named Dashiell Gibson. When the moon base’s top scientist ends up missing,  he is found dead on the lunar surface. Dashiell thinks that something is fishy, but nobody listens. Everybody else thinks that Dr. Holtz went onto the lunar surface without his helmet properly affixed. Dr. Holtz had just came upon a grand discovery, something so big and amazing, something that someone just might kill to keep.







Spaced Out

Dashiell Gibson has already solved one mystery on Moon Base Alpha, a base on the moon that he calls home. After the death of Dr. Holtz, his life went back to normal, except for Zan Perfonic. She is a nonhuman being who can project her consciousness into Dashiell’s mind. Zan tries to learn as much as she can about earth because most of her kind thinks that humans are not worthy of having the gift of traveling far away, very quickly. They think that humans will use it for bad. But, very few of Her kind (including Zan) think that humans have a chance, if they change their ways. Zan’s learning session goes on hold when Nina Stack, the base commander, goes missing without a trace. Dashiell was the last person to see her untill she disappeared. She wasn’t in the base, which meant that she was on the surface of the moon, and that her time was running out. Will Nina be found in time, or will she die a terrible death? Her life is in Dashiell’s hands.





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