Learn to Play the Piano – Cheapest Piano Lesson Ever!

I wanted to share with you how my daughter and I learned how to play the piano and spent almost nothing. Technology is amazing! Now with an online app, you can learn how to play the piano in the comfort of your home. These online apps are cheap for $100 – $150 a year, you have piano lessons 27/7 365 days a year. If you think about it, traditional piano lessons cost at least $60/hour minimum. One of my friends used to have a piano teacher come to their house every week. After she bought this online app, she dropped the traditional piano lesson from weekly to every two weeks. Her daughter uses the app every day. After I saw my daughter play and sing, made $300 at a singing gig, I decided to learn how to play also.  

Buying Our First Keyboard

I am going to walk you through how we bought our first piano. The first question that I asked myself was – is there such a thing as bad piano.

Buying a piano is an investment. We made sure we buy one that is reliable, a piano that will last and affordable. Amazon was my first go to on checking out different piano and keyboards and reading at reviews. The bottom line is, the majority of the piano or keyboard that I researched, they are mostly good. The majority of the ratings were four stars and above. I only saw reviews less than three stars on small/toy-like keyboards. We are not looking for a toy keyboard. Let’s move on. 

Piano / Keyboard Trusted Brand 

I suggest when buying your first piano to pick a trusted brand like Yamaha. On this blog, I will focus more on keyboards because that was what I ended up buying. I bought a Yamaha brand keyboard with 61 keys. We all know Yamaha. Since 1800 Yamaha remained to be one of the trusted brands in the market for musical instruments. 

Why did we pick a keyboard than a piano? We decided to go with a keyboard because first, we have a small house so there is no way a full piano can fit in my house. And that’s all I could afford. That was also our first dive into learning how to play the piano. So before investing thousands of dollars on a grand piano, will give a keyboard a try first to see if it will work. 


Benefits Of Getting The Keyboard Over Piano

Here are some benefits of owning the keyboard than a piano:

  1. A piano needs tuning. A keyboard doesn’t. So you will have to invest more money in tuning if you buy a piano. 
  2. A keyboard has extra features than a piano. My kids especially love the lighting feature whenever she presses any of the keys. There are hundreds of preset voices, styles, and songs built into the keyboard as well. My kids love playing with them and being creative with different sound effects.
  3. The only disadvantage I found on a keyboard compared to a piano is that a piano has 88 keys versus a keyboard typically has fewer keys. What we bought has 61 keys, we never had any issues with it. I learned later that there are digital piano and keyboard these days that have 88 keys. So maybe on our next upgrade, we’ll get one. As I said earlier, the 61 keys work fine for us so far.
  4. Make sure to purchase the one with semi-weighted or weighted keys.
  5. You can get a decent keyboard for $150 versus a grand piano costs thousands of dollars. 
  6. Or even better buy a bundle and save like this one below.

Our Journey to finding the Piano Lessons Has Begun

I was staring at this keyboard that we just bought and thought…”I need to look for a piano lesson. Long story short, after long research, talking to friends, looking online, calling music schools, the conclusion was that piano lessons are freaking expensive!

I needed to find an alternative lesson I could afford. These are the things that I considered:

Youtube: we tried youtube for a few months, scavenging various youtube videos about piano lessons. It did not last. Random videos from people and different contents did not work for us. 

App Store: We tried all of the free apps. After a couple of months, we weren’t going anywhere. So we decided to look into an online piano lesson that is legit but doesn’t cost us a fortune. We found Yousician at first and tried it. Here is my review on Yousician:


Yousician is an online App for playing the guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and voice. We first signed up on their free trial and was loving it. Then later, I noticed my daughter was getting bored with the song selections. I would catch her doing something else as opposed to doing her lessons. Note that this was three years ago so they may have more songs now.    

Here is some information for Yousician from Wikipedia:

Founded: Dec 2010
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
CEO: Chris Thür
Founders: Mikko Kaipainen · Christoph Thür
Number of employees: 100
Cost: $179/Year

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

One day I was at a meeting with my daughter sitting next to me. She asked to borrow my phone. I figured I’d let her play with my phone while waiting for me. Then when I glanced at the phone screen, I saw her trying to play the piano on my phone. Playing the piano using a phone is difficult to do. I was curious. I let it go and moved on. The following week I saw her on this app again. This time at least she wasn’t trying to play the piano on her phone – she was using her keyboard. I told her to stop messing around with some random app she found online because we spent money on Youcisian. “Yousician is Boring!” her exact response. So after that, I decided to do an investigation about this mystery app that she found online. To make the long story short after about a couple weeks of trying out this new app called Simply Piano, we canceled Yousician. We never looked back. 

Here is some information for Simply Piano from Wikipedia:
Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
CEO: Yuval Kaminka
Founders: Yuval Kaminka · Roey Izkovsky
Cost: $119/Year


My daughter is now about to enter an advanced level on this app. It is incredible how she was able to learn so much with this online app. The app listens to her keyboard and talks to her and gives her instructions. They also have an awesome community – a Facebook private group- full of great musicians who are very helpful. My daughter can now read notes and accompanies herself on her performances. She teaches her friends too. We use the app for at least one hour per day between the four of us in the family. So if I do the Math, $119 divided by 365 between the four of us – that’s only a few cents per day for legit piano lessons. 

Here is a video of my daughter raising money for a children’s charity where she was able to raise $300. We hope to do it again next year. 

Click here if YouTube Video below doesn’t play right away


I hope you enjoy and found this blog helpful.

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  1. That’s great, like you said you have to have a good instrument to start with or you simply won’t even bother or give up after a while. I like the little video at the end, it looks like your daughter is going great too. It looks like “Simply Piano” is the way to go as well then, building a community will keep everyone motivated and enthusiastic. So Well done.

    • Thank you Jeremy. Indeed if a person is serious about learning at the same time have fun they have to have the instrument first. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Jen! I have to admit I had a bit of a nostalgic moment watching Bree play on Main Street. She’s a bright girl for sure. I used to play the piano when I was younger and that video made me wanna do it all over again. This post is so relative and definitely great quality content. I got everything I needed in one read… childhood memories, where to find a keyboard if I wanted to start playing again, and how to learn again without feeling too lost. Absolutely great post.

    Keep up the great work Bree!

    • Thank you Ruby. I am glad that Bree’s video has inspired you. It’s never to late to go back and play the piano again. I am trying to learn how to play the piano myself. With the mandatory home quarantine which just started for us last week, I have been able to play more lately. It’s a great way to see some positive out of this difficult time that we are in now.

  3. I found this post very beneficial for providing me the information I had never thought or knew about before, I had never thought about purchasing a digital piano to learn to play the piano. Being a music lover of learning to play musical instruments this really interests me, and I have always wanted to learn to play the piano but the investment was way out of my budget to purchase a piano.

    I really like the idea of a digital piano


    • Thanks Jeff. Online piano lesson is the way to go. It’s cheap and you will definitely learn. I am glad you found the information helpful.

      Cheers to you,


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