5 Myths About Voice Lessons for Kids

1. Kids should not have voice lessons until their vocal cords are mature:

If your child is showing interest in singing, it is to their advantage to know how to use their vocal cords correctly and safely.  Thus, voice lesson is to their advantage.  The truth is that some voice doesn’t mature until after 30 years old.  Do we mean that none of us should have voice lessons until our 31st birthday? The idea about waiting until the voice matures is a myth.  Hiring a professional voice teacher who has experience with children is what is more important.   Also making sure that it is a place where your child is thriving and having fun.  The last thing you want to do is to discourage your child from his/her talent due to pressure.

2. Kids should not sing with their head voice:

Part of proper singing habits is to understand the difference between chest and head voice.  Some children have trouble finding their head voice.  So if your child can sing with her head voice – your child is ahead of the game.  I prefer a child singing with her head voice than her throat.


3. When boys are going through puberty, he should stop singing for a year or two:

This is another myth that I have heard in the past. If they stop singing, they will be off to doing something else away from their dream to sing.  Instead, find them a song that they can sing during this stage.  Help them understand that it is a normal process and that he will get through it just like everyone else.

4. Not all kids love to sing:

Do you remember being in kindergarten proudly singing your ABC’s or that Christmas carol performance at school with all of your classmates? Did you notice any of your classmates hating the performance? Or do you recall everyone having so much fun at practice and looking forward to the day?  When you got older, you got to have that cd or that cassette tape of your favorite songs.  You walk around with that walkman feeling the beat of the music.  You would sing along when you know no one could hear you because you think that your ability is not good enough.  From that day on, everything around you seems to validate this belief. You stayed with this lie.  One day, you stopped singing, then you forgot how to smile.  Music is within us all.  Each of us owns this miracle instrument called the vocal cords.

5. Some kids are just naturally shy:

I was at a waiting area at my doctors’ office and noticed this infant looking at me directly in the eye with a big grin on her face. Then this child started making random noise – giggling and cooing as if she was singing her style.  She was entertaining the crowd.  I did not see a single sign of doublt or stage freight from this precious child at all. From that day on, I started journaling whenever I see an infant until I got the confirmation. WE WERE BORN CONFIDENT!  Yes, each one of us started in this world with innate confidence – complete and absolute confidence.  Remember when you felt that pure unadulterated joy when you were a kid.  You were so excited to go up and say hi to someone. You were full of joy! Somehow as times move forward, our experience clouds our innate confidence away and replaces it with self-doubt. The good news is, we still got it within us. It is one of the greatest gifts in life, just waiting for you to tap.

Singing can help the children improve confidence too.

It is a win-win – they find a channel to express their emotions, less drama, and whining equals happy mom. Who doesn’t want that?  If you have some singers at home don’t hesitate, find them a professional voice teacher that will help them grow the talent. Or buy them this Voice Lessons To Go cd by Ariella Vaccarino. Ariella has been teaching singing for 20+ years and is a trained Opera singer.  She’s local too from Los Angeles.  She created multiple CD’s and also made Voice Lessons To Go for Kids designed for Elementary school-aged singers. The CD will teach the kids how to warm up their voices in a healthy fun way.  I have personally used Ariella’s Voice Lessons To Go CD.  I cannot stress enough on how the CD has helped improve my voice. I bought the CD before I had my child and would typically use it during my 30 minutes commute to work.  When I had my daughter, I bought her the Voice Lessons To Go for Kids.


Benefits for Kids when they are engaged in music:

Kids do engage with music throughout their life.  Music will become the background of everything that they will do.  When dealing with changes, heartaches, failures, successes – music will be there with them.  Music will be there on everything that is going on with their lives.  It’s like sports – watching it is one thing but doing it means so much more, and it makes watching it more interesting. Same with music, play an instrument, engage in singing, it is so much more fun when you participate. Doing is so much more meaningful. We don’t have to borrow an instrument – we all got a voice. Singing is something we can all do. It’s the most fundamental way to make music. Guess what? There are plenty of health benefits when you engage with music too!. That will be for another blog – on my next free time :).

I hope you find his blog helpful.  If you have any questions or comments or have any topic that you would like us to research and write about for our next blog, please leave a comment below.
Allow the music to touch your lives and let it bring you real joy that money can’t buy.
Keep Humming!
Jen and Bree


2 thoughts on “5 Myths About Voice Lessons for Kids”

  1. This post has convinced me we should encourage our children to sing at a young age, and I feel this would provide self-confidence in themselves naturally the older they become. I was always a quiet boy and very shy to even speak around people I didn’t know let along sing, and even today I speak quietly even though I do have more self-confidence in myself as an adult singing I believe would have given me self-confidence at a much younger age


    • Thank you Jeff. I completely agree. From my experience and from what I’ve seen with my kids. They are definitely more confidence because of this. But what is more important for me is for them to have a channel to express themselves. My daughter and I both love music. My son loves it too but I think he’s into drawing more. I’m sure you had your way of expressing yourself growing up or you wouldn’t be the Jeff you are today.



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